Why Chastity?🔐🍆

There is something to to say about locking up your cock and giving the key to someone who likes that cock. Giving them control of when and how its used and when/if you get to cum is a very sexy act.

Also, it “forces” a certain level of communication. You need to say what you like and don’t, and she needs to say what she likes doesn’t, but in different ways. Putting that much trust into someone is an amazing feeling.

It’s not about

  • Humiliation
  • Celibacy
  • Wanting to be a girl
  • Giving up all control
  • Being a loser
  • Cuckolding
  • Being gay
  • Having (or wanting) a small penis

It is about

  • Feeling sexy
  • Being kinky
  • Exploring boundaries
  • Being constrained & restricted
  • A little bit of pain
  • Giving up some control
  • Pleasing her
  • Being pleased
  • Anticipation

Knowing that she appreciates what you like and how you like to be kinky along with the fact that it’s a secret between you and her is extremely hot!🔥

But really, why?

I like the feeling of being locked up because it makes me think of her in a very sexy way. My cock is in a cage until she wants to let it out. I don’t get to cum unless she wants me to. I imagine having to pleasure her any way she wants. Without reciprocation. Because I want her to be happy (just typing that got me hard – well as hard as I can get in my cage). I want her to enjoy herself and that’s it. It’s not because it’s going to “lead to something”.

There is also a level of anticipation – a sense of danger…

The game is to tease right?

Did I please her enough? Is she going to let me cum? Am I going to get to cum? Is she going to let me cum the way I expect? Is she going to make me do something unexpected?

It’s also a little bit of a game or competition. How long can I be locked up? Can I make it? Can I do it even if I don’t feel like it at that moment because it’ll be fun later?

It’s a way to push boundaries and experiment. Am I so hot and bothered am I really willing to do anything? What is she willing to make me do? What can I do?

All very exciting, very sexy. 😈

Interesting tidbits

  1. Don’t forget to take a break and be vanilla every now-and-then.
  2. Chastity doesn’t have to be “crazy kinky” all the time. It can be sensual and sexy too.
  3. It’s okay for her to make you do things, that is part of the fun.
  4. It’s also okay for you to say “I don’t like that” to let her know where your boundaries are.
  5. It’s okay for her to let you know her boundaries.
  6. When pushing boundaries, it’s good to talk about it before hand. Talking is sexy and it sets expectations.
  7. It’s extra sexy when she buys the cage she wants you to wear.
  8. Combine kinks to change things up.😉

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